I am really bored playing Runescape

Yeah that is right and completely correct. I am getting bored playing Runescape because it’s too tiring doing the same thing over and over again. I even hate the part about mining where it really doesn’t provide much any excitement. Probably this is the reason about why most players tend to turn towards the use of macro automated software.

Fighting monsters and demons are what I love the most on the part of this game because you are able to explore new environment and areas of the map. You even have the chance of acquiring extremely rare items and it is a lot even more fun when you are doing it together with your friends.

Speaking of my friends, they also got bored from playing RS and they are trying to suggest me to play the new web browser game FreeSky Online. I still don’t know anything about this new RPG game owned by the IGG but they claim to provide more excitement and fun without the limit of getting to much stress.

I went to check their website and it is very nice and simple. A blue background with a chick holding a notebook on her left hand. I just wonder what’s her function as an NPC on the game.

I’m looking toward on playing FreeSky Online maybe after getting my mining skill level to 89. Anyway, I am at a current level of 85 and it’s a little bit more of work to be done.

Will I going to give up playing Runescape?

Being bored does not mean that I am going to stop playing RS anymore. It means to me that I just need some vacation. It’s quite too hard for me to leave such a very nice game especially after working on my character to get it on a very high level.

If you are following this blog and expecting more something about giving out some useful information. Then keep it up because I still plan to update and create new and better posts.


Monkey madness quest part 2

This post is the continuation of the previous post “How to complete monkey madness quest guide”. In here, I will going to finish the complete details on how to complete the mission and receive the following rewards.

1.  A 10k (Ten thousand gold cash) – well it’s a lot of work so you deserve such amount as payment.

2. Dragon Scimmy – you won’t obtain this powerful item but you will have the ability of wield it.

3. Training Pass – you are able to have an access to train your attack and defense at the Strength and Constitution by simply talking to Daero.

4. Some rewarding experience – You choose two of your skills to get a worth of 35K EXP and additional 20K EXP will be given on another two skills that you have not chosen.

Those are some attractable rewards that you can take upon completion of this easy task. So get fix your chair and sit on a comfortable position because we are about to start on the tutorial.

Where ever you are across the map, you need to head at the Grand Tree and look for the King named Narnode. Talk to him immediately when you arrive to his castle. You will find him in a desperate situation where a seal must be delivered to the Royal Guards and the problem lies to the missing Glough. He is probably the messenger of the King who should be responsible for doing this task. After accepting the quest, you can head to the top floor and you are going to find there a Gnome Glider to Karamja.

Glide you way through the shipyard and seek out G.L.O Caranock.  From this moment onwards, everything can be easily followed by asking the NPC on every place that they point you to go. I do not want to go through the step by step sequence of procedure for this guide because it is a very easy task. Even a newbie can complete this quest without reading a detailed guide.

All you have to do is to follow the flow of the story to add up to the excitement and story of the game. Another reason that get’s you bored from playing Runscape is because if you intend to read detailed guides, you will probably know what will going to happen when you are about to play it now from the game. This is what they call “Spoiler” and it takes out the challenge.

So I hope that you have enjoyed reading this tutorial and I should have made the title of this post as “How to start the Monkey Madness quest”.

How to complete Monkey Madness Quest Guide

Okay so let’s immediately provide some quest guide for today assuming that you already know how to play the game. Sad to say for those newbies out there who are looking for the basic guides that you need to go somewhere else to look for a better beginner’s guide. However, there is nothing to worry about as I am going to write more post in the future with regards about them. You can disregard what I have mentioned here when this it get’s outdated. Thank you and lets begin the quest guide in the next paragraph below.

This quest will going to begin at the Grand tree at the village of Gnome. The requirement for this task is that you need to have at least a level 43 prayer skill. Probably, you will be encountering a lot of enemies that you are going to buff your character from getting healed most of the time. Yes, prayer is a skill that will going to heal or cure your dying game hero and I suggest that it is one of the main priority type of ability that you need to increase.

There are some items that you need to collect in order to accomplish this Monkey Madness Quest and they are the following:

1. A gold bar – this is completely rare and you might probably need to do some digging so you should take some tools to help you out or some help. You can only obtain gold bars from a hidden treasure chest and you can also buy them from other players but be careful because there are a lot of scams out there.

2. Ball of wool – it’s just ball which is a rounded object just for knitting some garments or light clothes.

3. Monkey corpse and bones – this is nasty because you have to go out into the field and slay some monkeys.  You will be able to find them mostly at the large forest areas. Take their dead bodies and some bones when you have successfully defeated a number of them.

4. Anti Poison Potion – you can kill as many monster and they do drop this common items. An alternative and easy solution for it is that you can buy it on a merchant store for a very small amount of price.

5. Ring of dueling – this is a simple and powerful object that helps you acquire additional statistics when trying to fight against other players.

6. Amulet of glory – obtaining this type of amulet can boost your skills to have an additional fighting ability.

7. Ardougne Teleport Runes – you will be needing these magical runes unless you wanted to keep on running across the vast plains of each villages on the map.

8. Food – food is another alternative option when you have totally consumed your mana to use your prayer skill. Buy a lot of this item because it serve an important purpose in completing this mission.

9. Prayer Restoration Potion – potion are not cheap but if you do have a lot of extra money under your sleeves then you can use them to purchase this healing items.

10. Weapons and Armors – you do not want to get killed in the middle of your mission right? so always prepare a good battle gears before embarking on your journey.

It seems that I already got tired from continuing to write more about this mission for Monkey Madness and I have to take a break. You can check on the next post for the continuation of this quest guide.

Something to tell about RuneScape (RS)

Runescape is just one of the oldest game around that you can play on your web browser. It is totally free and there is nothing or money involve to let you play this old but popular online game. RS is the short term and I might be referring in this simple two letter on my upcoming future posts.

To tell more about RS, it is very similar to the most popular MMORPG (Massive multi-player online games). But it’s not too similar in a way how you play it. Runescape brings you into the old and legendary time where monsters, dragons and all sorts of fierce evils  do exists. Learn your way on how to develop your skills on many different levels such as planting, cooking, fishing, fighting, crafting, and so on. Trying to level up all of this abilities will going to take a lot of years. Some players had even tried to use automated programs to let their character work without their presence facing their computer all day long.

There are several servers that you can choose and you can always transfer from any of them that has the best availability. It is best to choose the world where there are only a few members logged in or you will going to experience some lagging problems. Your character might actually die in the battle field if in case that you are fighting a monsters or other players when a sudden lag has been experienced. This is the reason why Jagex has to create many servers that you can always use to log your character.

The numbers of players joining RS are continuously growing besides the fact that it is already an old online game. Maybe the reason is that, they keep on doing updates and changes to keep their players from staying.

I already have an account that has reached an all out level of 50 and I’m already bored from leveling because it really consumes a lot of time. I suggest that if you are going to play Runescape, you don’t have to spend countless hours or you will going to get bored immediately.

Another option is to use an automated software to conduct power leveling but this is not advisable because there are already some anti bot that keeps on processing from the game to check whether a certain character is a robot or not.