I am really bored playing Runescape

Yeah that is right and completely correct. I am getting bored playing Runescape because it’s too tiring doing the same thing over and over again. I even hate the part about mining where it really doesn’t provide much any excitement. Probably this is the reason about why most players tend to turn towards the use of macro automated software.

Fighting monsters and demons are what I love the most on the part of this game because you are able to explore new environment and areas of the map. You even have the chance of acquiring extremely rare items and it is a lot even more fun when you are doing it together with your friends.

Speaking of my friends, they also got bored from playing RS and they are trying to suggest me to play the new web browser game FreeSky Online. I still don’t know anything about this new RPG game owned by the IGG but they claim to provide more excitement and fun without the limit of getting to much stress.

I went to check their website and it is very nice and simple. A blue background with a chick holding a notebook on her left hand. I just wonder what’s her function as an NPC on the game.

I’m looking toward on playing FreeSky Online maybe after getting my mining skill level to 89. Anyway, I am at a current level of 85 and it’s a little bit more of work to be done.

Will I going to give up playing Runescape?

Being bored does not mean that I am going to stop playing RS anymore. It means to me that I just need some vacation. It’s quite too hard for me to leave such a very nice game especially after working on my character to get it on a very high level.

If you are following this blog and expecting more something about giving out some useful information. Then keep it up because I still plan to update and create new and better posts.